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Rebecca Loos Gives Beckham An 8 Out Of 10 In Bed

[ID rate him] eight, eight and half. You can usually tell. He looks like he d be good. . It nice when a man is confident in the bedroom. Yes, he was good, he purred. David Beckham is an 8 out of 10 in bed, according Rebecca Loo, the woman who had an affair with in 2004. Rebecca, who was David personal assistant at the time of the alleged affair, as it has made a career out of his kiss and tell story, appearing in the boy Mags and appearing as a television personality in the UK, despite the its bad reputation. And very confident. It been for some years has dropped Beckham from his homewrecking bomb to tabloid - about the time to wheel out again, right? 31 years I reminisced about her alleged encounter Beckham in the UK Zoo recently in May.
24.10.08 14:02

Jennifer Aniston Amp John Mayer Reconnect On A Date

They were close and laugh all the time with their friends. They shared a bottle of wine and Jennifer opted for a salad of grilled chicken. Jennifer who keeps trim waistline! The witness dished, She seemed very happy to be back with him. Former couple John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston said to be rekindling their romance with these images taken of the two after a night with Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood. The two shared dinner at the Tower Bar inside the structure and according to a spy who told us weekly, They looked like they had the best time. They were on hand at one point and seemed well behind on. .
24.10.08 14:02

Quot The Incredible Hulk Quot

Powered with fury, SEGAs The Incredible Hulk features key moments of the film, as well as additional plot lines and characters from comic characters rich-book universe. Players Smash through New York, battling giant.
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